Our MISSION: To create opportunities for high school students across the country from all backgrounds to receive the inspiration, training, and support to pursue careers in cyber and related fields.

Finding and training the next generation of America’s cyber and IT leaders

The US Cyber Initiative is a non-profit dedicated to unlocking opportunities for young people who are interested in cyber and emergent technology. We collaborate with a wide range of workforce partners to offer programs providing career-connected and work-based learning experiences, leading to quality digital jobs that help young people achieve their dreams.

Our Goals


Motivating and supporting students to see themselves as community leaders and pursue quality jobs in cybersecurity and adjacent digital fields.


Removing barriers to support students looking to follow established educational paths and those looking to chart a less traditional course.


Promoting diversity in STEM and encouraging students from all backgrounds to participate in digital careers that provide household sustaining wages.


Cyber Bootcamps

Cyber Bootcamps are designed to identify and prepare the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. A typical session is one week and offers students hands-on skill development and career exploration.

The Cyber Bootcamp curriculum is developed through partnerships with affiliated nonprofits, leaders in the cybersecurity industry, and an array of local, state, and federal institutions in both the public and private sectors.

Teacher Training & School Partnerships

The US Cyber Initiative works with K-12 schools and educators to help integrate cyber awareness and education across a broad range of classes and subjects, beyond traditional IT courses.

We offer professional development opportunities and intensive Cyber Bootcamps for educators eager to incorporate career-relevant learning into their curriculums. We also partner with educational institutions to facilitate a comprehensive range of career-connected and work-based learning opportunities – such as internships and mentorships – focusing on digital job skills and career paths.

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